1350 (Fareham & District) Squadron’s official badge

Developing our badge

The Air Training Corps and 1350 Squadron had their 80th anniversary in 2021. We decided, as part of activities to mark the event, to apply for an official Squadron badge. First, we needed to agree a design and the cadets got involved in developing this. Then we submitted our design to the Inspector of RAF Badges and the College of Arms. Just like for RAF Squadron badges, the College of Arms must approve all ATC Squadron official badges.

During the lockdowns, the cadets suggested lots of great ideas about what could feature on our badge. They thought about relevant links to the local area, the Squadron’s activities and our history. One of the ideas that really stood out was linked to our location.

RAF Titchfield

Our Squadron building sits on the edge of what used to be RAF Titchfield. During WWII, RAF Titchfield was used by No 12 Balloon Centre and, from here, Balloon Squadrons covered Portsmouth, Gosport, Southampton and Eastleigh, defending them from enemy bombers. Balloon Squadrons were also special because women of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) ran so many of them. That’s why we chose the barrage balloon as a central and unique part of our badge.

The College of Arms

The Inspector of RAF Badges gave us lots of advice as we developed the badge. Next, the College of Arms artists sketched ideas and painted the final badge. The formal description below includes the blazon and motto.

The blazon is: Above barry wavy Azure and Argent a barrage balloon with its tether Or.    

The Motto is:  ALL AS ONE    

The Badge shows a barrage balloon and its tether above barry wavy lines representing the waters of the Solent.  The barrage balloon is a reference to No 12 Balloon Centre, which was based at RAF Titchfield, near Fareham, during the Second World War and today the Squadron parades on the site of the former RAF station. 

The Motto ALL AS ONE is alluded to by the many cables coming from the balloon to one tethering cable. This might be considered to represent the coming together of all on the Squadron for a common purpose.  

The central tether point also shows our Squadron’s focus on working together as one to achieve our goals.