Join us as a cadet

New cadets join the Squadron during one of our recruit intakes, which are usually twice per year. The new cadets all start their time on the ATC together, train together and often become good friends. We find that joining as part of a group makes the new experiences much more fun.

The training in Basic Training Flight lasts about 4 months and will cover a whole range of subjects, including history and organisation of the ATC and RAF, uniform, drill, map reading, first aid, basic airmanship, radio training, some sports and teamwork activities. At the end of BTF, cadets graduate as First Class cadets and join the main Squadron’s training programme.

Our next recruit intake will be on Sunday 23 February 2020. New recruits are also very welcome to join in the 2 weeks after this.

Please Contact Us to find out more, arrange a visit before joining and let us know that you are interested.