The Air Training Corps

What is the Air Training Corps?

The Air Training Corps (ATC) was formed in 1941, from the Air Defence Cadet Corps. The ATC is part of the RAF Air Cadets (RAFAC), along with the RAF Sections of the Combined Cadet Force. You’ll see RAFAC metioned on many ATC websites and social media sites.

The Air Training Corps is a national voluntary youth organisation which provides young people with many activities, opportunities and challenges, some of which they couldn’t get anywhere else. Cadets get involved in all sorts of actvities, whether related to aviation, adventurous training or the local community. There are Squadrons throughout the country.

Is the Air Training Corps part of the Royal Air Force?

The Air Training Corps is supported by the Royal Air Force, though there is no requirement or pressure to join up. Some cadets do join the armed forces, having experienced a little of service life during their time with the Corps, but the majority go into other successful jobs.

It is the unique combination of the resources of the Royal Air Force, the volunteer staff who run each Squadron and train the cadets and the support of the civilian commitees of each Squadron, that produces the Air Training Corps’ approach to training the cadets.

What does the Air Training Corps offer?

The Air Training Corps aims to offer new experiences and challenges to cadets, always with safety in mind and support from staff. Cadets develop their characters, leadership and confidence. Being a cadet can offer a great start in life, with excitement, friendship, challenge and responsibility.

A 16 year old cadet, who can fly a glider solo, lead 5 other cadets on an expedition and help run the squadron from week to week has got a great start towards a successful adult life. Many former cadets have gone on to be today’s successful business managers and community leaders. Thanks, partly at least, to their time in the Corps.