Structure of the ATC

The Air Training Corps Structure

The Air Training Corps has nearly 56,000 air cadets, from 12 to 19 years old, and volunteer adult staff. To organise and manage such a huge number of people, the Corps is divided into Regions, Wings and Squadrons. 1350 (Fareham & District) Squadron is in Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wing, which is part of the Southwest Region.


The Squadron is the local unit. There are 24 Squadrons in our Wing. Wherever you live, there is probably a squadron, or several, near you. Our neighbouring squadrons, Hedge End, Gosport, Portsmouth, Petersfield, Waterlooville and Havant Squadrons, are all within a few miles of us. While many activities happen within the Squadron, we often work together with other Squadrons to share specialist skills and facilities, whether for shooting, first aid training, radio, sports or other activities.


A Wing usually has at least 20 Squadrons in it and our Wing is Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wing. The Wing provides admin support and other resources that would be very diffcult for individual Squadrons to provide. Many competitions between Squadrons are run at a Wing level. Athletics and drill are two of the most popular annual competitions. The Wing also runs many courses, for cadets and for adult staff


Stretching from Penzance in Cornwall, north through Bristol to Gloucestershire, east to Windsor and north to Oxfordshire, South West Region consists of 6 Wings, which are Plymouth & Cornwall, Devon & Somerset, Bristol & Gloucestershire, Dorset & Wiltshire, Hampshire & Isle of Wight and Thames Valley.

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